Badgley Beauties { Shoe Inspiration }

If you could walk a mile in a bride’s shoes, I bet you’d be pretty happy in some Badgley Mischka’s. Designer duds like these add a WOW factor to any ensemble. Many brides choose to livin’ up their traditional white dress with brightly colored heels. Badgley makes unforgettable designs that will definitely turn some heads. Go for a “something blue” hue or opt for girly pink pumps. Either way your feet will thank you!

blue bow eight eleven five nine pink.jpg seven

blue blue2 ten yellow

Photo credit: one. two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine,ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen

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Tracy & John { Real Oahu Wedding }

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We are excited to bring you the beautiful wedding between Tracy & John held at the Halekulani in Waikiki. These great moments were captured by the talented, Vivian Sachs. The couple enjoyed a tea ceremony and traditional ceremony, making their big day especially meaningful. The bride stunned in both her red & white dress as she exchanged tea and the rings with her husband-to-be. The lush backdrop filled with friends and family made the day an occasion to be remembered!

Big Mahalo to Vivian Sachs who submitted these great photos via DropBox.

Location: Honolulu, HI
Venue: Halekulani Hotel 
Photographer: Vivian Sachs
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Alternative Bling { Style Inspiration }

Who says diamond’s are the only best friends a girl can have? What about the lovely pearl and other gemstone beauties? At MWH we’ve been inspired by the beautiful brides saying yes to unique engagement rings. Turqouise, rubies, and pearls are a great alternative to typical stones. Check out these styles make the proposal extra special!

black rings.jpg eleven pink rose gold.jpg ruby.jpg ten turqouise.jpg

emerald pearl pearls.jpg ring1, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen

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Elegant Seaside Nuptials { Real Maui Weddings }


Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews015_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews014_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews003_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews007_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews020_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews028_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews019_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews031_low ring.jpg Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews033_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews065_low Nino_Allen_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_maPreviews047_low

We are excited to bring you the retro style elopement of Amanda and Matthew captured by the talented Aihara Visuals Photography .

Amanda grew up on the shores of Oahu in Kailua. Her family moved to Arizona where she met Matthew in high school. The two didn’t connect until after college when Amanda began selling her artwork and Matthew was her first customer. The two became very close and after about a year of dating, he popped the question! The couple began planning a big wedding with a Gatsby-vibe and lots of gold, glitz & glam. They are a very outgoing couple and love anything retro, so of course Matthew was excited to wear a bow tie. After all that planning, they decided to instead hold an intimate elopement at the Ritz Carlton on Maui. Three weeks later, they tied the knot on Lava Point on Ritza Carlton Property. We agree that it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Photography: Aihara Visuals Photography
Venue: Ritz Carlton Maui
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Waite from Makeup Maui
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Krista & Kelvin { Real Maui Wedding }

McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk063_low bride-to-be.jpg lei-.jpg McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk010_low vows.jpg McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk020_low McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk032_low McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk050_low McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk036_low McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk037_low McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk046_low McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk044_low McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk041_low

McDevitt_Ramirez_Aihara_Visuals_Photography_LLC_kk054_low We bring you Kelvin & Krista’s lovely wedding  at Kukahiko Estate in Makena captured by Aihara Visuals  Photography. Surrounded by their family and close friends, the couple said “I do” overlooking the ocean. The couple met as dancers in New York City, so it seemed only fitting they danced their way back down the aisle and continued didn’t stop dancing for the rest of the evening. They even performed a beautiful dance for their guests as the sun set on the horizon.

Along with dancing, they really wanted to incorporate both Kelvin’s Latin heritage and Krista’s Irish background in the ceremony.  To do so, they had a Latin ceremony called Las Arras (The Coins) where they exchanged 13 coins symbolizing  ”what’s mine is his and what’s his is now mine”.  They also had a Celtic Pebble tossing ceremony.  The Celts believed getting married next to a body of water was great luck.  Each guest was given a pebble and made a wish for the couple’s future on that pebble and tossed them into the Ocean.

Congratulations to the both of you!

Venue: Kukahiko Estate
Photography: Aihara Visuals Photography
Coordinator: Sandra Wagner ~ A Maui Wedding Day
Musician: Wilmont Kahaialii
Caterer: Food For The Soul
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April 21, 2014 - 10:04 am

Sasha - I love the dip! It is such a romantic shot!

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