Engagement Shoot GIVEAWAY

We’re looking to give away a photo shoot to one lucky couple!  Engagement, day after – you choose! We want to hear your (or their) story. Every couple is different, unique, and fun in their own way and telling us could win you this giveaway from the amazing Christina Heaston! It doesn’t have to be long – a sentence or two will suffice!

– Do you have an amazing proposal story?

– Have you been together forever?

– Did you meet in the most unique way?

– Do you know a couple that you’d like to nominate, just because they deserve it?

Tell us the story and you could win an engagement shoot from the fabulous photographer Christina Heaston!

Email the story or a video of the two of you telling us why to Hello@ModernWeddingsHawaii.com by March 28th, 2012 to be entered.

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    Our profile and story is on our website. My fiancé and I were in high school when we met at church. We recently got together 1 year ago this month! We are very excited and nervous because we are trying to do this wedding on our own. Our parents are both divorced and it is a little hard for them to financially help us out. We hope we are considered because we would love the chance to have a free giveaway! Our wedding date is December 30, 2012. Thank you for the email and chance to get a photo shoot!

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    Ashley Hirao says


    Shawn ani I met freshman year in high school. We ere best friends then started going out junior year. We broke up but while we were seeing other people we stayed best friends. It was hard not being together but it was better to be friends than not be in eachithers lives at all. We would come to each other for advice with each others relationships. He would always tell me “I don’t know why you’re with him, you deserve so much better” we always gave comfort to each other, especially after high school when he joined the army and was deployed to Iraq. At that time his girlfriend wouldn’t allow him to talk to any girls, especially me. That broke my heart. He would always find a way to sneak away to talk to me just to make sure I was doing okay. We always had that bond that we couldnt live without each other. After that relationship ended we got to be friends again, and eventually he begged me to take him back and how he should’ve never let me go in high school and How he’s always loved me. So I gave him another chance and today were planning on getting married :)


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