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For a few weeks, we will be featuring members of our MWH Ohana { the Hawaiian word for “family! } in a “Meet the Team!” post every Tuesday!  Get to know our team on a deeper level with these personal peeks into what makes each one of us tick!  First up is Morgan Childs, the Creative Director and Founder of MWH!

What is Your Role at MWH?
Morgan: I am the Creative cheerleader for the team – I come up with the visions and then step out of the way 😉

Describe Yourself in Just One Sentence:
Morgan: I live passionately, believe in beauty, seek joy & trust God

What is Your Favorite Spot in Hawaii?
Morgan: Kokee State Park on Kauai
kokee state park kauai

Define Your Style:
Morgan: Classic Feminine

What is Your Favorite Quote?
Morgan: I have so many! I have shared one in the past, so I will pick a current favorite: “Strive for Grace not Perfection.”

What is Your Current Color Combo Obsession?
Morgan: Peach and Gray!

What Current Wedding Trend Makes You Swoon?
Morgan: Darling personal signs at the end of the aisle. We just surprised our bride with one that said “This is how our story begins,” So romantic!
this is where our story begins sign

What Are 4 Things You Simply Cannot Live Without?

1. Coffee
2. The Beach
3. E-mail
4. My faith

What is One Word of Advice You Would Like to Give Our MWH Brides?
Morgan: Hire a planner! I know I am biased, but you are making such a huge investment that you should make sure you make it with someone that has the experience to guide you through the process!

{ Stay tuned next Tuesday to meet another fabulous member of our MWH Ohana, Ginger! }

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