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When first starting the journey of planning your or any wedding there are many fundamental questions that you must ask yourself. One of these questions are, What is your Bridal Style? This can be a simple and complicated answer at the same time! Are you Boho? Vintage? Classic? Modern? or something completely different. This one question can help shape every part of your wedding from your dress to the center pieces.

In a new series we are calling What is your Bridal Style?, we will go through the main types of brides that we think most people can identify with.

Today we are kicking of this new series with the Boho Bride. The Boho Bride likes things that many others don’t, feathers, arrows, ┬álong Grecian dresses and an array of eclectic ideas that many others might shy away from. But what we love about the Boho Bride is that most times she knows exactly what she wants! Feather chandeliers, arrow escort cards and antlers. . . well everywhere! Here you will find some of the most recognized Boho Bride trends and see if this style fits you.

The first, and most general trend we are seeing with Boho Brides are including everything. From the sequence table cloth to the vintage chairs nothing screams Boho like a well thought out (yet laid back looking) mix of everything that the Bride is in love with. This table scape for example has a mix of vintage, modern and southwestern/tribal; it may not look like it goes together but for a Boho Bride it can be the dream.

The dress.. from classic lace to soft organza, the Boho Bride will take it to another level! With twists like see-through lace, pops of feathers and fur instead of beading and ruching. If you’r a Boho Bride, most likely you will want to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Flowers can greatly vary from wedding to wedding, incorporating color, flower preference and personal touches that will make it all your own. The Boho Bride is no different! Yet instead of incorporating just the basics she will throw in things that not many others would, for example feathers are a common touch and fur or dried flowers are something new that we are seeing.

The final Boho Bride style that we have seen encompasses the core of what a Boho bride is. Bringing the unique, eclectic and unknown treasures to the surface. This can be anything from turning a casual and typical beach side reception into a fireside fur infused party, to escort cards that pack a punch or a bow. At the end of the day the Boho Brides know how to bring the unusual together and create a wedding to remember.


Did the Boho Bride strike a cord with you? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Don’t forget to come back next Friday to see if you’re a Vintage Bride!


Photo Credit: Antler Bouquet & Sequence Table in the Woods, Shear Lace Dress, Boho Dress, Tipi Bride, Bride carrying Crown, Dried Flower Bouquet, Feather Boutonnieres, Beach Reception, Arrow Escort Cards

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    Caity says

    Hi there,

    On your website you have a picture of a dress – it is a halterneck with some lace & gold ribbon around under the bust. Would you be able to tell me where you sourced the picture or who the designed is? I’m desperately trying to track down the dress!

    Thank you!

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