Will You Be My Bridesmaid? { Creative Inspiration }

It’s your special day, so of course you want to surround yourself with the people who mean the most in your life. Remember, for your girlfriends it’s a big day too. They are giving their best friend the blessing of lifelong marital bliss. Honor your best girlfriends by asking them to be a part of your bridal party in a creative way! Add some personal faves like nailpolish, booze, or cute pictures, or pastries to make it personal. invitesoneroadtripsecretmessageboxtwob021d6a070c2d965c5219af6c56d12b2be my bridesmaidfive334b7921857153fa22ec579784a527730209c3b9cb0d730aaf64a40c1ed084438f22c9f4b80bc396bc8b8f2e4176c07a7b7ab3f13828dfe2a65978558d2757451df6cf45b4e0de02e501f5114dd4c7961a2a5e4d78ee2558a27402d91c6a9171 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen  

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